Your Window on the Universe

Programs in June

  • Supermassive Black Holes: Uncovering the Invisible
  • The Sun and the Stars 
  • Astro Shorts (latest Astronomy news)
  • The Spring Constellations (Summer after June 21)
  • Most recent images from the James Webb Space Telescope

Objects in view in the Telescopes:

  • Major objects in Lincoln’s Spring Sky
  • Deep Sky Objects:  Galaxies and Nebulae
  • The Moon (June 8, 15)


We’re open every Saturday year-round.

Hyde may be closed if Saturday falls on or very near a major holiday. If in doubt call first: (402) 441-7094.

March 15-August 31

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September 1-30

8 PM to 11 PM

October 1-March 14

7 PM to 10 PM

Our Telescopes

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Presentations and Programs

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