October Programs

Autumn Constellations — The mythology and science behind star patterns in the Autumn sky above Lincoln. Run time: approximately 20 minutes

Ring World + Cassini’s Grand Finale — about Saturn and the Cassini mission which ended with the final plunge into the planet’s atmosphere on September 15th. Run time: 19 minutes.

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We’re open every Saturday year-round.

Hyde may be closed if Saturday falls on or very near a major holiday. If in doubt call first: (402) 441-7094.

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What we’re looking at through the observatory’s telescopes in October:

The Planets

Saturn is slowly sinking towards the sun in the southwestern sky after sunset this month. It remains visible in the Hyde telescopes all month, but we are viewing it through increasing amounts of the Earth’s atmosphere, making it dimmer and fuzzier with each passing week. Saturn still delivers an exciting telescopic image, and its rings remain tilted towards us at near-maximum. Uranus and Neptune are also in the evening sky, so if viewing is good, we might turn the telescopes towards them.

The Moon

On Saturday public nights this month: October 7 — the moon is just past Full phase, visible for the last half of the evening. October 14 — it rises too late to be seen during viewing hours. October 21 — just after New Moon, the thin crescent sets about an hour after the observatory opens. October 28 — just after First Quarter, the best viewing night of the month, the moon will be in the sky all evening.

Deep Sky Objects

Galaxies, Nebulae, globular star clusters and other objects beyond the solar system will be viewed through the telescopes throughout the month, depending upon sky conditions.

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