October Program #1: “Rosetta:  Mission to a Comet”

The latest pictures and updates on the European Space Union’s probe of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.   The Rosetta probe is projected to place the lander Philae on the comet’s surface on November 12 of this year.  Running time of the program is approximately 21 minutes.

October Program #2:  “The Autumn Constellations”

A tour of the evening sky above Lincoln, Nebraska during the crisp, cool Autumn months:  Perfect viewing weather (when it’s not raining!)  Running time:  19 minutes.

 A partial eclipse of the sun will be visible in Lincoln on Thursday, October 23.  At maximum, approximately 58% of the sun’s face will be covered by the moon.  Hyde Observatory will not be open for this event because it can be easily seen, assuming clear skies, anywhere in Lincoln.  Do NOT view the eclipse by looking directly at the sun, either with the unaided eye or through any optical instrument like binoculars or a telescope.  Do not rely on welding glass or filters that come with store-bought telescopes.   The safest way to view the eclipse is to make a small hole with a pin in a card or piece of paper, hold it up above your shoulder with your back to the sun, and project the sun’s image onto a flat surface like a wall or sidewalk.

Eclipse schedule:   
    Eclipse begins (moon touches the sun’s edge)    4:29 p.m. (CDT)
    Eclipse maximum    5:41 p.m.
    Sunset (eclipse still in progress, not visible from Lincoln)   6:33 p.m.
    Eclipse ends   (not visible from Lincoln)    6:45 p.m.